Upfront FD-Interest Scheme

Our Upfront Interest on Fixed Deposit gives you the opportunity to get your interest in advance at the time of opening your fixed deposit with us; you do not have to wait until maturity to receive your interest. The advance interest offers you the opportunity to use your money for additional investments, adding to your overall portfolio and income.

  • Make deposit starting at TZS 1,000,000.00 or USD 100,000.00

  • Available in TZS and USD currency

  • Earn more with our competitive Fixed Deposit interest rate

  • Term starting from 1 to 12 months

  • Withdraw your interest in advance

  • Your interest is credited into your Savings or Current Account

  • The interest rate offered on the Upfront Fixed Deposit scheme is based on the completion of the term chosen at the time of the deposit

  • The term of the deposit cannot be changed until maturity

  • The principal amount of the deposit is locked in until maturity

  • If you break the deposit (premature uplift) by withdrawing the principal amount before maturity, the full upfront interest amount that was paid shall be deducted from the principal amount.

  • Partial withdrawals from the principal amount invested are not allowed

1 month 5.00% 3.00%
3 months 10.00% 4.00%
6 months 12.00% 4.20%
12 months 14.50% 4.50%
  • For a Limited Period Only

  • Interest rates quoted above are per annum

  • Interest rates quoted may change without prior notice; contact the nearest ICB branch for the latest rates