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Value Banking

Our Vision

To be a leading international bank committed to quality and value banking for all (stakeholders).

Our Mission

To build a business driven culture underpinned by our core value on:

People – Respect for the individual, teamwork and integrity.

Customer – meeting the functional and affective need aspects

Through three drivers – 3Ps – people, process and products, to reach out to our vision

Hence, our preoccupation with the need to create a branding, product and service culture that center on the concept of Value Banking

“Value Banking is all about creating a service and product platform that addresses the wants of customers from the functional and affective aspects”.

Functional Aspects

  • The accessibility, conduciveness and the functionality of our banking premises where the banking services are conducted

  • The choice of external premises and installations that we choose to conduct our banking services  (including ATMs, e-banking and mobile banking facilities)

  • The confidentiality  and privacy of our conduct of business

  • Our relationship managers job knowledge and the information they provide to customers

  • Their professionalism, integrity, conduct and amiability

  • Quality of the service delivery process – waiting time, service level compared to competition

  • Total product features (core and product surround) – extent of meeting their needs/expectations

  • Quality of customer communication, such as quality and accuracy of monthly statements, transactional alerts and reminders and timeliness of their dispatch through preferred communication channel

  • Pricing of products and services – are they justified and competitive

  • Total cost of banking with us is justified – value for money

  • Transparency of pricing

Affective Aspects

  • Customer’s emotional conduct in banking with us – happiness, relax, positive feelings, the feel good e.t.c

  • The public reputation of our bank – how well it is considered at the social level

  • No liability in being seen banking with us